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    Jiangsu Starlight Generating Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional 200kw silent diesel generator manufacturer and supplier in China specializing in exporting quality 200kw silent diesel generator. If you want to discuss the price or buy 200kw silent diesel generator, welcome to contact our factory.
    200KW silent diesel generator
    Silent generator
    Low noise generator set:
    1, the noise is low, the overall organization is compact, the occupied space is small;
    2 and housing are all detachable structure, the cabinet is made of steel plate splicing, surface coating with high performance antirust paint, also with the noise reduction and rainproof function.
    3, the inside of the box adopts the multilayer barrier impedance mismatch type muffler structure, built-in large impedance muffler.
    4, the box body structure design is reasonable, the inside of the box body is provided with a large capacity fuel tank, and about two fans at the same time, so that the unit maintenance;
    5, at the same time in the box on the observation window and the unit emergency shutdown fault button, in order to observe the operation of the unit and the emergency situation in the unit with the fastest speed down to avoid damage to the unit.
    Low noise diesel generator product description
    Low noise diesel generator set is introduce and absorb foreign advanced technology of low noise generator set and the development of a new series of generator products and product conform to GB / t2820-1997 or GB12786-91 national standards, and has been put on the market in quantities.
    Significant low noise performance with time series diesel generator, shielding impedance mismatch type insulation cover, reduce the influence of noise to the users because. Large capacity of fuel, ad hoc quick open cover, convenient maintenance and other characteristics.
    Low noise diesel generator characteristics
    1, the noise level can also be based on user demand at 65 decibels (DBA).
    2, the overall structure design of the low noise diesel generator has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, novel and beautiful appearance.
    3, shielding impedance mismatch type insulation cover.
    4, the exhaust noise efficient way into the exhaust channel, to ensure adequate power unit performance.
    5, large impedance composite muffler.
    6, large capacity fuel.
    7, ad hoc fast open cover, easy maintenance.
    Noise has a great influence on human health, and diesel generating set at run time are accompanied by clutter and noise sound, serious ring body health and low noise diesel generating sets can very good reduce noise to the user.
    Jiangsu Starlight Generating Equipment CO. Ltd is one of the leading worldwide suppliers specializing in manufacturing generator sets since 1974. In 2010, it has got into the top3 national manufacturers whose annual sales reached 100million dollars in the industry.
    The StarLight mainly produces generators, alternators, gensets and control systems with independent researches and developments.The product categories contain genstes of Open Type, Rainproof Type, Silent Type and Mobile Type, with a power range from 3kw to 2500kw.silent diesel generator Price