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    Key Features:
    Delivery in 7 days!
    LRQA ISO9001:2015 certified ODM service provider
    For 11 years focus on cartridge mechanical seals
    • Replacement single mechanical seal burgmann cartex qn with seal plan 62
    • Single balanced design and Bi-directional balanced pressured.
    • Solid faces, stationary design, springs-protected, no rotation with shaft, higher speed standing.
    • Modular design, universal compatible parts, reduced production cost.
    • Single seal with outboard carbon bush or Oil seal approved.
    • Suitable for Plan 11, 12, 32, 62.
    Operating limits
    • Seal Orientation: Horizontal
    • Operating Conditions
    • Temperature: -40 ℃ to + 280 ℃ depends on oring material
    • Pressure: Vacuum to 25 BAR
    • Speed: up to 25 m/s
    • Sealing product: wear acid, alkaline, low percentage of pulp, sugar, water, oil and other similar media.
    Material Arrangement
    • Seal faces: SSIC/RBSIC/CARBON/TC
    • Springs: HASTC
    • Metal: 316SS/DUPLEX/HASTC/904L
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